Crownique Spray Mister

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Detangle hair with ease with the help of our Crownique Spray Mister. Continuous water mister.


Customer Reviews

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D. Quinn
Keeping my Hair hydrated

Love my Crownique Spray Mister I prefer this over soaking my hair. With the spray mister I can spray thee amount I need. I can hydrate my hair on the go. Easy to fill and comfortable in the hand when spraying.

Angilie Williams
Angi W

Trying to put into words how much I love all of the products I bought is difficult. The conditioner has a nice thick & creamy consistency, the Reign Drops do not weigh down my hair but instead leave it silky & well moisturized. Then there is the hot oil treatment, a must for anyone that has unintentionally neglected their hair. I will definitely be buying more when what I have starts to get low.

Vanessa Biggs

This mister is just what my hair needed. It distributed my product evenly without leaving my hair wet or weighed down. Thank Majesty for such a great mister... My locs love, love, love it!!!!

Mekia See
I smile so hard using this LOL

A natural girl's glam spray bottle. I love it