Empress Hot Oil Treatment

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Enhance the moisture in your tresses by deep conditioning with Empress Hot Oil treatment. Complete with Hibiscus and Horsetail herbs,  and Cinnamon, this oil will add moisture, shine, softness and promote growth.  Just warm in a cup of hot water, add to damp or dry hair. Best if used once a month.

 Available in the Single  Hot Oil or the Hot Oil Kit.


Hot Oil Kit includes: 

Single Hot oil, reusable warming mug, plastic hair cap, sample Reign Clouds shampoo .


Warm in cup of hot water

Apply to hair and scalp

Cover with heating cap or plastic cap

If plastic cap, sit under hooded dryer on medium heat for 20 minutes 

After 20 minutes, shampoo and conditon hair as normal. 


Ingredients:. Grapeseed oil, avocado oil, Horsetail, hibiscus, coconut oil, cinnamon, coriander.